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Our commercial real estate lending attorneys close loans secured by all property types including retail, office, shopping centers, hotels, multifamily and industrial.  The loan structures may have additional credit enhancements such as cash management, cross-collateralization or letters of credit.  McCoy & Orta is well experienced in documenting loans with tenancies in common, leasehold interests, and properties with complex zoning and environmental issues. Because the loans we originated are intended for securitization our attorneys are very knowledgeable of the special requirements of conduit loans including single-purpose and bankruptcy-remote entities, lockbox agreements, structured reserves, non-consolidation opinions and REMIC compliance.

We are able to provide our clients with a complete perspective of post-securitization issues when originating conduit loans because of our extensive loan servicing practice.  We are successful in maintaining our clients’ relationships with borrowers, bankers and brokers by our responsiveness and efficient closing of loans, while satisfying our clients’ diligence requirements and protecting our clients’ interests. 

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