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loan servicing 

McCoy & Orta represents some of the largest commercial real estate loan servicers in the Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) industry.  The firm maintains a highly sophisticated and concentrated loan servicing practice advising primary, master and special servicers in connection with all aspects of post-securitization CMBS loan administration, including addressing issues arising from securitizations, assumptions and other complex loan servicing matters.

The firm’s commercial real estate loan servicing practice focuses on the day-to-day administration of our clients’ CMBS portfolios.  These matters include requests for collateral releases, REMIC qualifying modifications, the preparation of cash management and reserve agreements, documenting property management changes, lease reviews and terminations, subordination and non-disturbance agreements, loan transfers in lieu of releases, easement reviews and condemnation actions. 

McCoy & Orta’s loan assumption practice includes documentation and management of transactions involving the addition of credit enhancements such as cash management structures, modifications to reserve accounts and other financial covenants.  Our services also regularly include working with and obtaining rating agency approvals and reviewing and approving non-consolidation, enforceability and Delaware opinions of counsel.  In addition, our attorneys have significant experience in handling CMBS loan assumption transactions involving tenant-in-common ownership structures, preferred equity and other complex organizational constructs.

In the firm’s representation of commercial real estate loan special servicers, McCoy & Orta has significant experience working to resolve a variety of loan defaults through loan modifications and other workout documentation, with the clear intent to maximize our clients’ return on their asset investments in a complicated economic environment.

As approved counsel for the Sellers/Servicers of Freddie Mac Multifamily transactions in K-deal and SBL securitizations, McCoy & Orta provides comprehensive representation in matters relating to approvals of construction projects, easements, telecommunication agreements, transfers of interests in borrowers and the assumptions of loans.  Our practice requires us to be knowledgeable of all aspects of the Freddie Mac Seller/Servicer Guide and ensure we counsel our clients in a way that best balances the relationship between Freddie Mac and the customers they serve. 

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